I apologize for the delay…

I’ve been remiss in updating my blog of late. I’ve been teaching evenings at Mesa Community College, and I have been using my students as my venting outlet for (what I consider to be) my compelling observations and ideas, as well as my “can you believe this” moments.

The teaching has been good for me as well. It allows me to interact with people who question everything I might say, and helps me gain perspective on events where I might otherwise get tunnel vision. Using them as an outlet has worked particularly well, because I also started a new job a few weeks ago. Since I do my best work when I am explaining what I am going to attempt to someone else, my students work well as a sounding board as I am solving work issues – and it gets them exposed to real world situations, so everyone wins.

They have gotten quite the earful of late. The good news is that everything I have fixed or changed has allowed me to go through the process with them and explain why I did what I did. One thing might be best practice, another might address a unique business need, and another might be based entirely on cost. I think it is great, because that is what IT is all about – addressing the needs of the users in a timely manner, with the right resources, and within budget.

Hopefully the message I think I’m sending to them is the one they’re receiving…

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