Laptops shouldn’t curve

So… my laptop is my constant companion. I use it for work, for recreation, to keep in touch, and because it is the central component in my mobile office.

Not too long ago, I noticed that it didn’t sit quite flat when placed on a smooth surface. The laptop does spend a lot of time on one end in my backpack, to I thought perhaps the case had been flexed a little. I started being (even more) careful, and assumed it was a minor issue that I would get used to.

I’ve noticed however, that not only am I not getting used to it, the problem is getting worse. The battery door pops up at one corner, so I thought perhaps something was under the battery, between the battery and the case, or perhaps the door itself had been bent.

I spent a bit of time making sure the battery compartment was completely clean, that there was no debris on the battery itself, and the door was seated securely into the seam. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get the door to sit completely flush with the bottom of the case – and the laptop has developed an annoying rocking motion when I am typing on it.

After taking it apart again, I noticed when I placed the battery on a countertop that it also didn’t lie flat. Aha! I’d found the culprit. Apparently my battery has developed a bulge.

After looking online I see that I am far from the first to have had this happen. It seems that if it had happened early in the life of my laptop I could have gotten a free replacement battery. Unfortunately, research indicates the standard MO for Apple support if your battery is more than a year old is a repeating of the mantra “Intel chips run hot”. Thanks buddy.

I’ll probably end up getting a new battery (long before I could justify a new laptop). If only I’d been more willing to drink the kool-aid, this probably wouldn’t bother me at all…

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